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Motorcycle Accident Compensation

As a motorbike rider you are 40 times more likely to be killed than car drivers or passengers. And it’s often the case that the accident was not the fault of the rider.

Whatever the type of road traffic accident you may have been involved in, if it was somebody else's fault, you may be entitled to make a traffic accident claim. Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury and we recognise that it is important that claims are dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Our professional service has helped many people across the UK claim compensation for personal accidents. We think you should be able to claim compensation if you were injured during an accident and were not to blame. After all that’s only fair, isn’t it?

If your claim is successful, you’ll get 100% of your compensation and we will claim our costs from the insurance company of the person or organisation who is responsible for the accident.


Want to know if you’ve got a case for compensation? Why not use the live chat facility on our home page? You can chat by instant message via the website to one of our qualified solicitors. If you prefer, just enter your phone number or email address and we’ll contact you. Either way, a qualified solicitor will give you a free assessment about whether you are entitled to compensation.

It is very important to instruct a specialist accident compensation solicitor. Choose us - we have many years of experience. You can even find out more about us by visiting the “meet the team” page.

Of all the road users, motorcyclists are particularly at risk and vulnerable to accidents. Without seatbelts and any outside protection this group of motorists are at higher risk of injury as a result of road defects, collisions with other motor vehicles and collisions with fixed objects. In 2002, 6,891 motorcyclists were seriously injured across the United Kingdom. Motorcycle accident claims for compensation cam be particularly high as the injuries that occur can be very severe.

If a person makes a claim following a motorcycle accident, there are two main areas under which they may be awarded compensation. The first area could be for general damages which mainly consist of compensation for the injury itself. This covers the direct pain and suffering caused by the accident. The second area is compensation for special damages which is divided into two sections; past losses and future losses. Past losses refers to any losses the victim has suffered as a direct result of the accident, such as cost of medical treatment, damages to personal possessions, the excess on a motorcycle insurance policy and loss of earnings if the person had to take time off work. Future losses covers any anticipated losses the person may suffer as a result of the accident, such as loss of any future earnings and the cost of on-going medical care.

As with most other personal injury claims, the amount of compensation awarded heavily depends on the type of accident and the injuries suffered by the victim. Though every accident is different, the causes of them are often very similar and can be placed into four main categories:-

  • Accidents as a result of collisions with other vehicles.
  • Accidents as a result of collisions with fixed objects.
  • Accidents as a result of vehicle failure.
  • Accidents as a result of defects to the road carriageway.
  • Accidents as a result of animal involvement.

In order for a person to receive the maximum amount of compensation following a motorcycle accident, certain procedures should be followed. There is nothing more important than evidence to support a person’s claim; this could be CCTV footage of the accident, statements from witnesses of the incident and photographic evidence of the event. It is also important to call the police as soon as possible, along with any other emergency services if possible, as their accident reports can be used to support the claim.

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