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Medical Neglicence Compensation

If you have suffered as a result of medical negligence by those who are entrusted with your care, we can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Medical negligence is a highly specialised area of personal injury law, we have specialists in this area who can help.

Our professional service has helped many people across the UK claim compensation for personal accidents. We think you should be able to claim compensation if you were injured during an accident and were not to blame. After all that’s only fair, isn’t it?

If your claim is successful, you’ll get 100% of your compensation and we will claim our costs from the insurance company of the person or organisation who is responsible for the accident.

Want to know if you’ve got a case for compensation? Why not use the live chat facility on our home page? You can chat by instant message via the website to one of our qualified solicitors. If you prefer, just enter your phone number or email address and we’ll contact you. Either way, a qualified solicitor will give you a free assessment about whether you are entitled to compensation.


It is very important to instruct a specialist accident compensation solicitor. Choose us - we have many years of experience. You can even find out more about us by visiting the “meet the team” page.

At some point during their lifetime, everybody will require some sort of medical attention, from doctors, nurses, dentists and other health carers. Though the treatment process is usually problem-free and successful for most patients, cases of medical negligence do arise. This occurs when the care given by the health professional is of a poor standard, resulting in pain, injury, mental problems and sometimes even death. Medical or clinical negligence can also occur before a patient has undergone any surgery or treatment, for example, misdiagnosis by the health carer or a delay in diagnosis which resulted in an injury. Though most medical treatment carries some element of risk or side-effect, by law, health professionals have a duty to provide a reasonable standard of care to each and every patient.

Compensation may be claimed regardless of whether the negligence took place in the NHS or privately.

Many people often associate medical negligence with hospitals or GP’s, however, many cases of negligence are a result of poor treatment by dentists or opticians, and fall into three main categories; misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment and/or careless work.

However, receiving medical negligence compensation is often a difficult process due to the difficulties in proving the claim. To prove such a claim, there must be evidence to show that the injury was caused by negligence, along with evidence of the injury caused as a result of this poor treatment. A consent form should have been signed by the patient before undergoing any medical treatment which highlights any possible risks/side-effects.

If a person’s claim for medical negligence is successful, the compensation they receive depends on many factors. These range from the type of injury sustained, its severity, how long the effects last and the person’s salary.

We were many years ago awarded a legal aid “franchise” in clinical negligence work which is a recognition of the quality of the service we provide.

It is often forgotten that clinical negligence often causes a great degree of trauma to the victim and their families especially in cases of serious injury. If someone has been very seriously injured, such as in cerebral palsy cases, the families have to endure many years of hardship including providing long hours of nursing care and financial sacrifice and we bring to such cases assistance and advice from carers, specialist doctors and equipment consultants to make life easier. We always consider obtaining interim payments to help pay for care, alternative accommodation and any other substantial needs of the client. At the end of cases we ensure that, where appropriate, proper financial advice is given as to what to do with damages to ensure that they are properly invested and will last to help care for the client.

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