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Bus Accident Compensation

Travelling on a bus is usually one of the safest and cheapest ways of getting around. Despite this, accidents involving buses do happen and if a person is injured as a result of the accident, they are often eligible to claim for compensation. Accidents involving buses can occur for several different reasons. If the bus is involved in a collision with another vehicle and it is the fault of the bus driver, any injured person could potentially make a claim for compensation against the bus company which employs the driver. However, if the blame lies with the driver of the other vehicle, the claim will be made against him/her. Of course, as well as road traffic accidents involving collisions with other vehicles, bus accidents can occur as a result of dangerous or careless driving by the driver of the bus. For example if he/she was speeding, causing a person to fall off their seat, or braked too hard, causing someone to fall over, this may also be a case for claiming compensation. However, if the driver was responding to an emergency situation it is unlikely that a claim for compensation could be made against the bus company.

Our professional service has helped many people across the UK claim compensation for personal accidents. We think you should be able to claim compensation if you were injured during an accident and were not to blame. After all that’s only fair, isn’t it?


If your claim is successful, you’ll get 100% of your compensation and we will claim our costs from the insurance company of the person or organisation who is responsible for the accident.

Want to know if you’ve got a case for compensation? Why not use the live chat facility on our home page? You can chat by instant message via the website to one of our qualified solicitors. If you prefer, just enter your phone number or email address and we’ll contact you. Either way, a qualified solicitor will give you a free assessment about whether you are entitled to compensation.

It is very important to instruct a specialist accident compensation solicitor. Choose us - we have many years of experience. You can even find out more about us by visiting the “meet the team” page.

A person may also be the victim of a bus accident even though they were not travelling aboard the bus itself. Once again, if they sustained an injury it is likely that they could make a claim against the bus company and/or any other vehicle or pedestrian involved.

Similar to other claims for compensation, the amount of compensation awarded heavily depends on the seriousness of the injury sustained. Regardless of this, it is important that the victim of the accident, wherever possible, takes as many details as possible from the scene of the accident. Information such as the bus number, bus route, registration numbers of any other vehicles involved, location of the accident and any photographic evidence should be obtained to ensure the claim is as strong as possible.

If a claim is successful, a person can be compensated on two bases. The first is for the loss of amenity that is the pain and suffering inflicted upon the person as a direct result of the accident. It also includes compensation for the affect the injury has had on the day-to-day living of the victim. The second basis is compensation for the expenses and losses caused by the accident, for example, medical treatment or absenteeism from work.

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