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Accident Compensation Solicitors

In a world where there is an endless opportunity for accidents to occur, personal injury lawyers are in high demand. Whether it is an accident at work, a road accident, medical negligence or a holiday accident, it is the aim of personal injury solicitors to ensure that each client is awarded as much compensation as possible.

Perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when ‘personal injury’ is mentioned is the ‘no win no fee’ basis, advertised by so many accident compensation solicitors. The lawyers who promote this arrangement promise to award 100% of the compensation if the claim is successful to their client who has suffered a personal injury. The agreement between the solicitor and the client is that the solicitor will be paid nothing at all if the claim fails. On the other hand, if it is successful, they are awarded a ‘success fee’ or a bonus. Furthermore, there will be standard charges for the compensation claim, however these would be recoverable from the other side. The ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement, otherwise known as Conditional Fee Arrangement, came into existence in 2000, following the government’s decision to remove legal aid for most accident claims.

Consequently, understanding that most people could not cover the financial costs of hiring a lawyer to deal with their case, many solicitors began using this new arrangement.


Often, a common misconception is that Britain has developed a compensation culture, in particular since the ‘no win no fee’ arrangement has become increasingly popular. Despite this, statistics show that since 2000, compensation claims in the UK have in fact decreased, and after Denmark, it has the lowest level of compensation of any developed country.

When a solicitor is presented with a claim for personal injury compensation, the first thing he/she will do is assess the claim and decide the likelihood of its success. If it is believed that the claim will be successful, the solicitor will gather as much information as possible from the claimant about the accident and the injuries it has caused. If a compensation claim can prove that an accident was the fault of an individual/company as a result of failing to uphold a certain duty of care, it should be successful. Though this may be obvious in some cases, in others it can be more difficult to prove. The personal injury solicitor must be presented with, and begin proceedings with the claim within three years of the accident or it will not be valid in the court of law.

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